Shopping For Wedding Rings? Four Rules To Shop By

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Where to go shopping for wedding rings in London? If you're a newly engaged couple that lives in the U.K. this question might have crossed your minds. Fortunately for you, London's loaded with jeweler locations. One place in particular that is very well-known for its diamond and jewelry dealers is Hatton Garden. This place has fifty-five jewelry shops all packed in one place. While Hatton Garden is London's "Mecca" of ring shopping, there are also great shops outside of it that are more than worthy of your patronage. While shopping for wedding rings in London, or anywhere for that matter, there are a few things to know that will help make the most of your time and money. Below I have listed some of these items for you.

Explore Your Options.

Don't commit at the first place you visit. Check other locations to see what they have to offer. Take some time before you go out and look online to familiarize yourself with pricing. It will help you know what you can afford as well as help you know a deal when you see one. This will also allow you to get an idea of the style you're interested in and see the variations in that style. Don't rule out buying the rings online. You can often save a lot of money this way.

Be Disciplined.

Discuss it and decide with your partner on the amount you both can afford to spend. The last thing you want to do is start a marriage off by creating more debt for each other. Money will already be enough of an issue in the marriage as it is. Don't get caught up in the glitz and glamour of expensive jewelry. Stick to your budget once you decide. By researching enough before you buy anything it will make it possible for you to get as much ring for your money as you can.

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Be Practical.

Get rings that suit your lifestyles and personalities. If you live a very active lifestyle and take part in a lot of physical activity then you should consider a ring that won't damage easily.

What Looks Good On You?

For your rings to look good on you, buy something that is proportional to the size of your hands. With diamonds, a huge rock is impressive but can look gaudy on the wrong hand. The same goes for his ring. Short fingers wearing an overly wide band will not look good. The cut of the diamond also influences appearance. Ovals and marquis help fingers seem longer.

Like I said, these tips are universal advice for anyone shopping for wedding rings. My wife and I stuck by these simple rules and still have the same wedding rings we first bought. She has a diamond that she's still proud of and I have a band that is still in style ten years later. The best part is that we have these types of rings and never went in to debt to pay for them.

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