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Gold is a metal that has a timeless appeal to it. If you look outside, on any given person, you will find some sort of gold piece of jewelry. It is a metal that even when colored, has a classic and beautiful look to it. Whether it is the bright golden color of yellow gold or the dusky pink color of rose gold, there is something about this metal that when displayed, gives a feeling of royalty.

Any stone looks good set in gold, there is no denying that fact. Yellow gold has a particularly flashy feel to it and there is a chance of it being over done sometimes in certain designs. The beauty of yellow gold though, is that it goes with any skin color, any type of clothing, and looks good on a man or a woman.

White gold is able to give a rich look to any stone as well, yet it is often times more subtle than yellow gold. Some people at a distance may think that it is actually silver, but it is not. Because of the neutral color, white gold can accent any type of stone on the market. When made into a necklace`, you can easily wear white gold with other pieces of jewelry that are sterling silver and it matches easily.

If yellow gold or white gold are not for you, why not delve into the beauty of rose gold? Sporting a dusky pink color, it is certainly a unique color of metal for all ages. Having the added mix of copper gives this particular gold a certain feminine quality that yellow and white gold may not give. Often times this metal pairs well with white diamonds, or stones with a reddish hue to them.

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Knowing which gold suits your fancy the most is the first step in finding a beautiful necklace to your liking. It is common for necklaces to have chains from which a pendant (usually made of the same metal the chain is) hangs from. In the case of a yellow gold chain, a yellow gold pendant would hang down from it. Finding your favorite color of gold makes it easier to find the perfect gold necklace for you.

When you have your favorite color in mind, the world is your oyster after that. You have many types of pendants to choose from that will all pair with your gold chain necklace. You should have no problem finding the right one for you.

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